S-TECH partners with a number of leading Digital Forensics solution providers from around the world, offering customers a wide range of software solutions, related hardware products and accessories. If what you need is not on this list, we will source according to the requirement. We will respond to your enquiry carefully.

Below is partial list of the tools in our “forensics tool box”. We offer a friendly one-stop-shop for digital investigation tools.

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ACE Laboratory Ltd.
Data recovery tools
ADF Solutions, Inc.
Media exploitation and digital forensic triage tools
Apricorn, Inc.
Data storage products, utilities and accessories
Arsenal Recon
Computer forensics
Axxera Inc.
Case evidence management and reporting solutions
Basis Tech Corp
Automated incident response software
Digital forensics software
CCL Solutions Group Ltd.
Digital forensics and e-discovery solutions
CF Lab
Digital evidence investigation software
Chainalysis Inc.
Blockchain analysis tools
Cloud Shark
Network capture tools
Compelson Labs
Phone forensics
Focused digital & multimedia evidence solutions
DomainTools LLC
Cyber threat intelligence and investigation software
EDEC Digital Forensics
Forensics tools and RF shielding solutions
EDR Tools
Data recovery technological solutions
E-Fense, Inc.
Data security solutions
Elcomsoft Co. Ltd.
Password recovery and system security
E-Discovery and digital forensics tools
F-Response (Agile Risk Management LLC)
Forensics, data recovery and eDiscovery
Faraday Bag
Shielding digital technology
FastStone Soft
Image processing and management tools
Fernico, Inc.
Cell phone investigation tools
FSPro Labs
Event log analysis & monitoring
GetData Forensics Pty Ltd.
Data recovery tools
Griffeye Technologies
Media investigation platform
Guidance Software
E-Discovery and digital forensics tools
Hex-Rays SA
Binary code analysis tools
I.R.I.S. Group s.a
Intelligent document recognition (IDR) solutions
ICS - Intelligent Computer Solutions, Inc.
Disk drive duplication tools
Media examination and evidence collection
Integral Memory plc.
Encrypted memory drives and cards
Joe Security
Deep malware analysis software
Kaspersky Lab
Anti-virus and IT security
Data recovery software
Kroll Ontrack Inc.
Data recovery software
HD cloning & forensic imaging solutions
Magnet Forensics Inc.
Computer and mobile forensics tools
MAM-A, Inc.
Archive grade CD-R, DVD and blu-ray discs
MCM Solutions
Digital forensic toolset
MediaClone, Inc.
Advanced digital forensic hardware
Media sp. z o.o. (Mediarecovery)
Media imager tools
Email forensic software
MOS Equipment
Forensics tools and RF shielding solutions
Mobile phone forensics
Oxygen Forensics, Inc.
Digital forensics tools
Paessler AG
Network monitoring tools
Paraben Corporation
Mobile and computer forensics investigation tools
Parker Software
Email tracking solutions
Passware Inc.
Password recovery software
Radio Tactics, Ltd.
Mobile data extraction solutions
Ramsey Electronics
RF shielding solutions
Retina-X Studios, LLC (PhoneSheriff)
Phone monitoring and filtering
R-Tools Technology Inc.
Data recovery
SalvationDATA Technology LLC.
Digital data recovery
Savvius Inc.
Network insight for performance and security
SEH Computertechnik GmbH
Network hardware solutions
Select Fabricators, Inc.
RF/EMI shielding solutions
Visual multimedia investigation software
SiQuest Corporation
Forensics examination tools
Social Links
Social media and open source investigations tools
Stellar Information Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Data recovery software
Sumuri LLC
Mac forensics and eDiscovery tools
SysDev Laboratories LLC
Data organization and data recovery
Security and network monitoring software
Tomoko Discovery
Web evidence capture tool
Transend Corp.
Email migration tools
Virtual Forensic Computing
Forensic virtualisation software
VOOM Technologies, Inc.
Portable computer forensic devices
Vound LLC
Computer forensics and eDiscovery
X1 Discovery Inc.
Social media intelligence and eDiscovery Tools
X-Ways AG
Computer forensics investigation tools